F.A.Q JagaJaga Service

What is "JagaJaga"?

“JagaJaga” is a mobile security app and helping you to protect your personal data, against cyber-attacks and show an alert when you try to access phishing site.

Why "JagaJaga" app need app permision?

We believe you always download the file from internet, read the email attachment and browsing the website, “JagaJaga” need to check these data in your device and alert you immediately, so we need the device’s file storage, media files and notification permissions. If you turned off these permissions on your device, “JagaJaga” does not offer enough support for you.

What is Device, App, and Network protection?

“JagaJaga” can detect the cyber threats from device, malicious app and Wi-Fi network, once detect the abnormal activities, we will prompt an alert to the user and recommend user to take action immediately.

How to subscribe to the JagaJaga service? 

Once you have installed and open the JagaJaga app, you can select the premium service in “Upgrade to Premium” page, then get the Plan you want. Now we are offering Monthly and Annual plan through Apple In-app Purchase, Google In-app Purchase and Telkomsel carrier billing account. (Depends on your handset).

I have installed JagaJaga on my phone, why some functions are missing?

Due to the user’s device OS platform and version, we might not offer all function on all platform and version devices. We recommend user to use the “JagaJaga” app on iOS 11 / Android OS 7.0 above device. For App Locker and Privacy advisor, we are offering for Android device only. For Phishing site protection (through activation of Safe Browser feature), officially we support on Android – Chrome browser and iOS – Safari browser.

Will JagaJaga monitor my activities and share with third party?

No, we are monitoring the virus hash and harmful website only, Powered by Zimperium – z9 engine, it will monitor the device activities by machine learning AI and detect the harmful website by local database, we will not keep or send out your data to other company, unless you need to subscribe the service via these companies, they will get the necessary information and send it to them for security authorization only.